ITERIOS Messenger

Mega functional communication platform for online collaboration between travels agents, networks and tour operators.

Mega functional communication platform

Mega functional yet easy to use

ITERIOS Messengerdoes not require training and enables travel agencies and networks to easily:

  • Create open and closed chat groups with unlimited number of users
  • Connect to chat both from PC and mobile devices
  • Use chats for quick important notifications (read-only) or for discussions
  • In the groups, manage both users and messages
  • Send files, including documents and images
Powerful and easy to use free chat

Access from any device

Access ITERIOS Messenger both from PC and mobile devices. Create different groups and make sure that all messages will be delivered no matter where the users are at the moment.

Access from computers and movile devices

Unlimited number of groups and users in the groups

Forget communication software with limited users or groups. Create as many groups and users as you need, use public/private options for each group and adjust them for any business case.

Unlimited number of chats and users in the chats

Security and confidentiality

ITERIOS Messenger uses secure connections and assures confidentiality in any chat – both conversations and transmitted files.

Any user can be assigned as chat owner or moderator, as well as any user may be banned from chat or blocked.

By managing chats and user lists, chat owners can control access to information on user level as well.

Total security of messages and files in ITERIOS Messenger

Private messages

A user can send private message or make a private file transmission to any other user directly from a chat. This message will be available only to the sender and recipient, and it will be displayed in a separate window.
For better usability, notices about new private messages are different from notices about new messages in subscribed chats.

Private message with any user of ITERIOS Messenger
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