ITERIOS Travel Agent

Online-system for the travel agencies. Search and booking

ITERIOS Travel Agent covers full work cycle of a travel agency

Tourist attraction tools

  • Mailouts and mass texting
  • Integration with social networks
  • Remote sales module on agency website

Quick search and best offers selection

  • Search and booking of tours, flights, hotels from leading suppliers
  • Always up-to-date prices
  • Simple offer creation, its mailing and tracking

Improvement of sales efficiency

  • Customer funnel
  • Record of requests, deals and bookings
  • Automatic generation and sending of the documents
  • Flexible notification system

Tourist retention and repeating sales

  • Tourist preferences record for developing of the efficient offers
  • Automatic reminders to tourists
  • Protection and control of the access to the tourists database
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Tourist attraction tools

Due to ITERIOS Travel Agent, an agency will always have at hand the efficient tourist attraction tools. Thus, a universal solution for development and automation of mailouts and mass texting allows developing of personalized and lively mailouts for potential clients. Irreplaceable tools in daily work of travel agency.


Personalized tourist mailout with the convenient drag-and-drop editor and with more than 30 prepared email templates. The service allows fast developing of the unique and individual letters to attract clients, and mail them out or send them according to the given selection.

Mass texting

Mass texting is one of the most popular advertising tools on the tourism market. ITERIOS Travel Agent allows travel agency to easily send mass texting on behalf of the company right from the system. Moreover, to automate the distribution in future.

Embedded search and best offer selection

Quick and easy search of the tourist products fully satisfying the tourist needs by the modern search engine with 100% relevant results. Ability to send the commercial offer with a few clicks.

Tour search and booking from the leading tour operators in ITERIOS Travel Agent

Universal search engine that allows selecting tours from leading tour operators by a set of filters taking into account the places/rooms available with the 100% relevant price information.

Commercial offer with 2 clicks

Ability to develop and send the commercial offer with the prepared sets of tours with a few clicks right on the step of tourist inquiry. Current statistics of delivered/read commercial offers.

Improvement of sales efficiency

By using ITERIOS Travel Agent, it is easy to improve the sales efficiency of the agency. It is easy to close the deal right from the system: relevant tour search and booking without shifting to tour operator window with the following tracking of the booking status. Moreover, all the required documents are generated automatically, and the full set of notifications does not allow missing any important events in the agency. Due to automation of routine processes, the agency is able to perform daily tasks more efficiently and devote more time to the service quality.

Requests record

Register of the all tourist requests (new/in process/completed) with the function of rapid processing. Convenient development of the new request, function of quick adding of several offers in one request from the search engine and sending the commercial offers with a few clicks.

Booking and deal record

Single place of storage and managing of all the agency bookings and deals. All the agency bookings are automatically synchronized with the active bookings in the tour operator system.

Automatic generation and sending the documents

There is a possibility to generate related documents automatically with one click while processing with the deal.

Flexible notification systems

Ability to receive messages through different communication channels (email, sms) about almost all the company events. That allows to be informed about all the company events even without the system access.

Tourist retention and repeating sales

It is easy to keep the tourist and perform repeating sales with ITERIOS Travel Agent tools. Due to the detailed information on preferences, interests and tourist individuality, which is always available, the agency is able to easily send targeted and personalized emails, run thematic campaigns and notify the tourists about attractive offers, and perform repeating sales in future.

Tourist preferences record for developing of the efficient offers

There is all information about the tourist in ITERIOS Travel Agent: general information in the tourist record, preferences and interests, requests and travel information, notes and comments, correspondence history and mailout statistics. All this data helps the agency to perform repeating sales.

Tourists database access protection and control

Ability to manage access to the agency tourist information keeps the database protected from the data loss. That is always necessary for the agency as well as relevant to the effective work.
Try all the functionality of ITERIOS Travel Agent right now!

Try all the functionality of ITERIOS Travel Agent right now!
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