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ITERIOS Travel Agent

Online-system for the travel agencies. Search and booking

Tourist attraction tools

Mailouts and mass texting; integration with social networks; remote sales module on agency website

Quick search and selection of best offers

Search and booking of tours, plane tickets, hotels from the leading operators. Easy offer development, its mailing and tracking

Improvement of sales efficiency

Sales funnel; record of requests, deals and bookings; automatic generation and sending of the documents; flexible notification system

Tourist retention and repeating sales

Record of tourist preferences for developing of the efficient offers; automatic reminders to tourists; protection and control of the access to the tourists database

ITERIOS Travel Agent - Online-system for the travel agencies. Search and booking

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ITERIOS Agency Network

United processing center and management of sales points of travel agencies network

One monitoring point of all network bookings

Online display of all the bookings from all the agencies, including their statuses and operators

Commission and mutual payments management

Control of bookings, travel agencies payment and mutual payments with tour operators

Operative communication channel with travel agencies

Quick travel agencies notification about important information, ability to support constant operative communication with their sales points

ITERIOS Agency Network - is a united processing center and management of sales points of travel agencies network

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ITERIOS Messenger

Mega functional communication platform for online collaboration between travels agents, networks and tour operators

Unlimited number of chats and users in the chats

Create as much free chats as required, both: public and private. For discussions or read-only. Unlimited number of users in every chat allows to create groups for any business tasks.

Access from any device

Access ITERIOS Messenger both from PC and mobile devices. Create different groups and make sure that all messages will be delivered no matter where the users are at the moment.

Security and confidentiality

ITERIOS Messenger uses secure connections and assures confidentiality in any chat – both conversations and transmitted files.
By managing chats and user lists, chat owners can control access to information on user level as well.

ITERIOS Messenger - Mega functional communication platform

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TUI Ukraine - partner of ITERIOS Booking.com - лидирующая компания по бронированию отелей онлайн
At first, the functionality seemed to be a little bit limited, but after watching the webinar a lot of convenient functions were discovered that were unknown before. According to the first mailout results we can say that their preparation takes twice less time than before we had the ITERIOS Travel Agent. Moreover, their performance progress and results can be managed even at home.
Elena Kirilovich Vsem Touristam, Travel Agency, Kiev
We tried ITERIOS Messenger. Firstly, our employees were pleased as they got the opportunity of video communication with our site users. Secondly, our clients were even more surprised as they have not seen anything like this before. We are measuring how the service efficiency changed as well, but the positive perception is obvious.
Redvan Tairov Director of Adam and Eva Travel Agency, Kiev

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